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Rules and Regulations


Use and Understanding

These are the rules for using the site. They apply to everyone who bets on this online platform (called the "site"). There are two types of rules:

1. General Rules:

These rules apply to all bets, unless the rules for a specific sport say something different. If there's a conflict between the specific sport rules and the general rules, the specific sport rules are more important.


People who want to place a bet should know all the rules that affect the market they're interested in.


People who use the "one-click" option to bet are responsible for their actions. If they make a mistake, the site is not responsible for it.


Things Beyond the Site's Control and Technical Issues

The site is not responsible for any loss or damage you face because of things like natural disasters, power outages, disputes, government actions, or problems with communication services. If any of these happen, the site can cancel or stop access to the site without being responsible. The site is also not responsible for equipment or software failures that might stop the site from working.

If there's a technical problem that the customer notices, they should tell the site right away. If the customer still bets despite the problem, they should try to minimize any potential loss. If they don't, the site can cancel the bet. The site can also limit access, hold onto funds, or cancel bets in case of a technical problem that affects the site's integrity, whether it's under the site's control or not. Customers will be informed on the site if there's a problem that stops them from placing more bets or cancels existing bets.